Lent Guide: Journey to the Cross

The theme of this year’s Lent Guide is “Unity with Christ.” We are looking at passage in the New Testament that speak of the ways that we are not alone in our daily life, but that in so many ways God is with us and leading us along the way. Our journey this year is to become more aware of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives and how we are to be a changed people because of Him.

We want this season of Lent to be one where together we are not just meditating on the things of God, but one where we are practicing them together. In order to help with this, we have created this Lent Guide that includes mediations, prayers, and some practices for us to do together.

To view our Lent guide, worship playlist, Daily Office and more, click here.

Starting Point

2020 brought us so much change and 2021 seems to continue the trend. But God continuously has been faithful to The Park and we have seen first hand that no matter what changes are forced upon us, God remains the same. We have prayerfully thought through how to navigate through each thing we come across. We are so grateful you have been with us along the way! We want to share with you The Park’s journey from the beginning to now, so we invite you to join Starting Point Monday, March 15th 8-9:30 PM via ZOOM. Starting point covers key areas of The Park- core values, rhythm and formation, and where we are headed. As we walk through these items, we want you to jump in and ask any questions you may have! This is a time for us to not only share more of who we are and the direction we are headed in, but also hear more about you! Whether you are new to The Park, or have been a part of our church community for a while, we hope you’ll join. We look forward to seeing you via ZOOM on Monday, March 15th 8-9:30 PM. To join Starting Point you can click here.

Upcoming Services

Registration is open two weeks in advance to join in person at Aggie Park at 10am. Click on the links below to register to attend. Indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) seating options are available with safety protocols put in place. Please review our safety protocols prior to attending by clicking here.

Click here to join the live-stream service each week. This is a new platform to view our streamed services which allows all of our online viewers to interact with one another in one place.

March 7th In Person Service Registration

March 14th In Person Service Registration

Family Ministries

If you have a child who would like to be dedicated, we will have a dedication service on Mother’s Day this year. To sign up, please click here. If your child would like to be baptized you can contact us for resources to do with your child prior to getting baptized. Contact Family Ministries at FM@theparksa.org for more information.

Community Formation

If you’re looking for more ways to connect with others we want to help! We have prayerfully thought through how to best disciple and form deeper relationships among our church in 2021. If you are interested in finding out more information you can click here. We would love to reach out and share more with you!

Prayer Request

If we can pray for you, please contact your parish pastor directly or you can submit a prayer request by clicking here. We have a prayer team who will join you in prayer.

Stay in Contact

If you are experiencing any hardships during this time, we want to be there to support you. If you have questions or needs we can help with, email us at info@theparksa.org or you can click here to submit a request. If you are able to offer assistance to others you can click here.