Financial Information

Transparency & Stewardship

Transparency & Stewardship

At the Park, we value transparency and good stewardship of the resources that God provides to our community. With this in mind, we are posting our annual financial results online. It’s important to us to let you know that our financials are reviewed, in detail, by two groups of lay leaders at the Park every month. From the very beginning of our community formation, we have seen His hand at work and experienced His provision. Ultimately, our desire is to use the resources God gives us to glorify Him in all thing


We have an offering box by the front door on Sundays where you can give. You can also give to The Park online or by mailing a check to P.O. Box 781669, San Antonio, TX 78278. We have recently opened an account that can accept stock donations. Contact Chris for more details.


Our desire at the Park is to keep you in the loop. One area that some people ask about occasionally is our budget and finances. Below you will find some helpful data points in this area. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Chris Nikkel at