Our Story

In 2009 a group of friends began a discussion that would lead to the formation of a new faith community, The Park Community Church. There was a mutual feeling that San Antonio didn’t need another church. San Antonio needed a different kind of church. We held our first meeting at the Austin’s house. The idea was to meet with a core team of people for a few months. We anticipated only a few people for the first meeting, but word got out and the Austin’s living room was packed out. We quickly realized we were going to need a bigger space. These initial days were rooted in community and relationships. Our hearts were exploding with what might be, and our ears were tuned to what God was doing. For many of us in the room on that first night, this was a natural evolution of years together in community groups and ministry leadership.

Faithful Discipleship

Our calling has always stayed the same, even though our locations and methods may have changed over the past ten-plus years. We committed early on to be a debt-free community that relied on bi-vocational ministry and mobile church setup to enable us to quickly pivot to new areas of ministry as led by the Holy Spirit. Through all the changes, we have been maintained by a faithful group of Jesus followers committed to one another and to discipleship in the way of Jesus.