Good morning!

I hope and pray this week has been a great one for you. The holidays are about to be in full-swing and I wanted to remind you that we will be having our normal service on November 25th. So, if you have family in town for Thanksgiving we would love to have them join us on that Sunday.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a few packs of socks and underwear to donate THIS Sunday at the Park. As a community, we are doing a drive with CAM to help meet the needs of other folks here in San Antonio. Check out that and what else is going on at the Park below:

Undies/Socks drive with Christian Assistance Ministry: CAM is a local partner of the Park. CAM’s mission is to assist homeless and low-income families in San Antonio, Texas, with food, clothing, financial services and counseling. At the Park, we’ve decided to do a special Thanksgiving drive with them this year. On Sunday, November 18th, we will be collecting underwear and socks for all ages and sizes. We need you to bring these items on the 18th and let’s bless our community in a tangible way!

Romans Teaching Series: Check out Romans 13 for this coming Sunday. A great way to get more out of the message is to read before coming. So, read chapter 13 several times before Sunday. Go!

Online Giving: People tend to ask us how to give financially at the Park. Since we don’t pass a plate, you can drop your donation in the box as you come into the cafeteria on Sundays. Or, you can give online at Thank you for giving financially! If you have questions email Chris at

Volunteering on Sundays: As our community continues to grow, there are always needs with regard to volunteering on Sundays. We ask people for a once-a-month commitment to reinforce the fact that your primary ministry exists outside of Sunday mornings. If we all take one Sunday per month, we can keep that focus alive. Interested to jump in on Sundays in Family Ministries or Set-Up/Take-down? Email Scott at

Staff Highlight:

At the Park, all of our staff people are bi-vocational and we want to support them in any way possible. So, we will be letting you know who these amazing people are and what they do. Help us spread the word on these folks!

Kyle Isenhower is one of the Co-Founders of the Park and also runs his own production business called Isenhower Productions. Kyle has created much of the content you see on Sundays and can usually be found by the sound board and computers. He is extremely talented, creative, and professional. He designed our current website which is amazing and easy to navigate.

If you haven’t met Kyle on a Sunday, you should change that this week!

Find out more about Kyle’s work at:


See you at 10am this Sunday at Huebner Elementary!


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