Church Family,

God has been stirring in my and Mer’s heart that He might be doing something new for some time. We have been spending countless hours in prayer and conversation with family to discern what He has in store for our next season of life. I have felt led to making a change in vocation and a couple of months ago applied for a job that fits perfectly with my passions and dreams for the future. I accepted a mostly remote job where I will be assisting a company to create a new leadership and development department and start on Monday.

I know this might seem sudden or shocking, please know that this is not a decision that I am taking lightly. I started working for Scott and Chris as a college senior in 15 years ago. The relationships we have developed over all these years have been invaluable. These past 8 years of being a pastor at The Park has been the most honoring, humbling and fulfilling role that I have had the privilege of holding outside of being a father and husband. This time of discernment and transition has been heavy in some powerful ways and I am confident that this next step is following God’s guidance in my life.

While I will be transitioning out of a leadership position in a formal way at The Park, our plan is to remain fully active participants in this beautiful community. The Park is our home. The Park is our Family. This church is the only place Mer and I have attended as a married couple and where we have dedicated, raised and baptized our children. We deeply love and care for the health and well being of the beautiful people that make up The Park Community Church.

Thank you for allowing me to serve alongside of you in this role of pastor for the past 8 years. We have poured our heart and soul into this community and while this is certainly a bittersweet time, we are excited about continuing to invest in this church in a different capacity. The DeFrees family wouldn’t be where we are today without each of you supporting, giving, serving, and believing in the mission of God’s people through The Park. Mer and I have loved being in the day to day with you all for the past 8 years. Even though we aren’t leaving, this is a season of change for us. We ask for your partnership in prayer as we anticipate the momentum God intends to stir up both in us and at The Park in this season of transition.

We look forward to continuing to join God in building His kingdom through The Park and are eager to see what new doors for ministry this opens up for the DeFrees family.


Mike & Mer DeFrees


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