This Sunday, we talked about Kairos time as a way for us to invite in wisdom and combat our self-reliance and pride. As we encounter moments of action or self-contemplation, we have the ability to progress through linear time and the ability to stop and contemplate.

This contemplation starts with observation of what is happening and how we feel. It leads to reflection, seeking God’s voice and instruction. Then we can discuss with the body of believers for clarity. This is called repentance. Then we can create a plan of action through prayerful discernment. We can be held accountable by our community and put the plan into action. As we continue to practice this, we find that every moment is calling us into community with our fellow believers and with the Lord.

Blueprint Ministries Volunteering

Blueprint Ministries, one of our Missional Partners, is in need of volunteers to help serve homeowners during these difficult times. They are in need of people to write a card or place an encouragement call to a homeowner, help box up food for delivery containers, help deliver food boxes to families, deliver a blessing basket to a family, or do exterior work on a home (no experience needed). To help, you can click here to volunteer.

Mental & Emotional Health: Part III

Loss & Grieving

Our emotions are important- they help us survive, thrive, and address/avoid potential dangers. Acknowledging them can help us manage and attend to our needs in a positive way. Check out this video from Jordan Cienski, a mental health professional here in San Antonio, on loss and grieving during this time. Click here to view the third part to our Mental and Emotional Health video.

If you are struggling with emotional health issues during this time and would like to talk to someone or want information on counseling, please contact Mike DeFrees at

Family Ministries Zoom Meet Ups

We are enjoying our weekly Zoom meet ups with your kiddos! These fun, engaging video calls give us all a time to see friends and hear bible stories and play games! Click here to get meet up times and weekly curriculum.

Bible Studies

Join an evening bible study via ZOOM. We are currently offering studies on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights at 8pm led by church pastors. For more details and to connect you can click here. We hope you’ll join us!

Sunday Nights @ 8pm Deeper Dive in Proverbs led by Chris Nikkel

Tuesday Nights @ 8pmStudy Through Daniel led by Scott Austin

Thursday Nights @ 8pmSpiritual Practices led by Mike DeFrees

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All our Zoom meetings will be held in this Zoom room location.

Covid-19 Needs and Assistance

The Park is still gathering the needs of our community. We have created a way for you to request assistance. If you have a need you can click here.

If you are able to offer assistance to others you can click here.

Stay in Contact

If we can pray for you, please contact your parish pastor directly or send us an email at

If you are experiencing any hardships during this time, we want to be there to support you. If you have questions or needs we can help with, email us at