Best Practices for Missional Community Bible Study Facilitation

-As you begin each study, pray that God will speak to you through his Word.

-Listen attentively to other members. Encourage only Bible reading from phones during the study.

-Work to include everyone’s voice by asking follow-up questions, restating what you heard someone say, and asking for more details to thoughts given by group members.

-It is often helpful for someone to take notes of the discussion and send them out afterwards to reinforce key learnings from the study.

-Pray for one another and be accountable to applying the word of God to your lives.

General Questions:

1. What does this scripture communicate about the heart of God?

2. What does it teach us about ourselves?

3. Does it challenge our thinking/beliefs in a new way?

Sermon Specific Questions:Read 2 Timothy 4 and discuss the following:

  1. Who did you grow up believing the Holy Spirit to be? If you didn’t grow up in the church, what did you hear or know about the Spirit early on? 
  2. What role is the Father playing in your life today? What is He doing?
  3. What Person of the Trinity is more understandable for you the the Others?