My God Will Cover me

by The Park Worship Community | Psalms

My God Covers Me (Psalm 3 & 6)

by Lindsey & Justin Frey

Verse 1
Everything I thought would keep me safe
Or make me great, is gone
They’re looking at me saying I’m a fool
Beyond rescue, hopeless

But I know, in my heart, I have a Father
In my fear and shame, He comes to me
As enemies are standing all around me
The glory of the Lord stand in between
My God covers me

Verse 2
You break the power of the words
Meant to harm me, I’m free
Now I will lie down and rest in peace
I’m not afraid, because You’re with me

I can look fear in the eye
I can sleep all through the night
Your presence is my peace
This will not stay rest from me

I cry out “Rise up O God”
My rescuer, my King
My God is victory
My God will cover me

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