Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Psalm 37

Questions for this week:

  1. Have someone in the group read the entire Psalm.
  2. Read verses 3-4. What does it mean for us today to “dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness”?
  3. In verse 5 we are told to commit our way to the Lord. Then in verse 7 we are told to be still. Is this progression reflective of how you normally go about your daily life? How quickly do you move to action without being still and listening to the Lord?
  4. Spend a few minutes meditating on verses 23-24. In your experience, how has delighting in the Lord been connecting to your steps being ordered by Him? How does your perspective change when you delight in the Lord in all circumstances?
  5. What or who do you normally take refuge in when trouble surrounds you? How does culture reinforce this action? What does it mean for you today to commit your way to Jesus and how will that commitment show up this week?