Greetings! Below you will find questions which reference the sermon preached on Sunday, February 8th, 2015 at The Park. This week we studied Chapter 16 of Genesis. Have someone in your group read this section of scripture.

Each week new questions are posted to track along with the sermons. Work hard to facilitate discussion. Listen to the hearts around the room and close with prayer.

Intro to Tent & Altar:

Abraham was a man called and sent by God. He is revered in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity today. Abraham’s name was originally “Abram”, which means ‘the father is exalted’. His name was changed to “Abraham”, which means ‘father of a multitude’, when God initiated His covenant with him (Genesis 17). God promised Abraham that he would be the father of many people. As we study his life and journey of faith in Genesis, we believe we will be challenged and encouraged by what we see and hear. Simply put, Abraham trusted God and believed God could accomplish all that He had promised.

Questions for this week:

  • If you were in Abram and Sarai’s shoes, how long do you think you would have waited on God’s promises before you took actions into your hands?
  • How do you think this passage speaks to the unbiblical ‘proverb’ that people often quote: “God helps those who help themselves”?
  • What does this story tell you about trying to fulfill God’s promises and plans by our own power? What is a situation in your life where you have tried to fulfill God’s purposes in your own strength?
  • What is the significance of the Angel of The Lord approaching Hagar and blessing her child as well?
  • The Lord directed her as to what her son’s name should be. What other Biblical people did He do the same with? What do you think the significance of that was?
  • Read the following quote from John Calvin, and let it soak to your heart in regards to prayers for strength and in trusting God’s faithfulness: “We see Abram, who, through so many years, had bravely contended like an invincible combatant, and had surmounted so many obstacles, now yielding, in a single moment, to temptation; who among us will not fear for himself in similar danger? Therefore, although we may have stood long and firmly in the faith, we must daily pray, that God would not lead us into temptation.”


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