MEMORY VERSE // “The crowds were amazed at his PLAY teaching.” Matthew 7:28, NIV TIME

BASIC TRUTH // Jesus Wants to Be My Friend Forever

KEY QUESTION // Who came to do AMAZING things?

BOTTOM LINE // Jesus came to do AMAZING things.

STORY SUMMARY // MATTHEW 6:5-11 // Jesus teaches us how to pray

Play Time // Grab a beach towel, a piece of fruit, sock, small picture of the world (or
just draw a green and blue earth on a piece of paper), Band-Aid bandage and heart pillow or drawing of a red heart. Lay all of the items on the floor and identify them with your child. Cover the items with the towel, reach under and remove one item. Uncover the items and ask your child to guess which one is missing. When your child guesses, talk about how you can talk to God when you’re . . . fruit/hungry, sock/need clothes, world/tell God how amazing He is or heart/say I’m sorry when I’ve done something wrong. Now it’s your child’s turn to remove an item. Replace the one you took and let your child cover and remove this time. Make sure you talk about each item you remove it and how you can talk to God

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