Good morning!

Are you ready for summer? I hope so because it is definitely on the way. The thing I love the most right now is that the grass is still fairly green and the plants around our house are growing and flourishing. Based on my experience from the last few years this will be short-lived as the temperatures begin to rise and the water restrictions begin to come into effect. I am already preparing mentally for this battle.

I really love taking care of a yard. There is something about it that relieves stress and is fun. I think I get this from my dad. When I was growing up, there was literally a competition on our street to see who would have the greenest lawn over the summer months. He would meticulously pull weeds and edge sidewalks to perfection. He had set times of when to water for optimum absorption. I am proud to say that my dad was consistently on the medal stand. The interesting thing to me is that the path to a green lawn started every fall and spring as he would make preparations to insure the best chance for a great looking yard.

So, where am I going with this? The thing that hits me is how this parallels to my spiritual walk with Christ. God is doing things in me now to prepare me for seasons yet to come. Am I aware that He is in fact at work? Do I recognize it? Am I onboard or am I resistant? Or, do I think I have it all under control and have no need for his direction?

I encourage you to wrestle with these questions as we continue to study the book of Esther. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!




Current Preaching Topic – We are beginning a new study through the book of Esther this Sunday. Read Chapter 1:9 to 2:4 before Sunday and come ready to dive in!

FCA Worship night  – Fellowship of Christian Athletes and UNITE, a local ministry organization, are teaming up together for one great event! It is a Christian concert, Rise Up to Victory, on April 27th from 7-9 p.m. in the Greehey Arena. They will have great speakers and awesome local worship bands coming out to play. The concert is free for anyone and everyone. Look for “RiseUpToVictory” on facebook.

Baptisms on May 6 – Have you been thinking about being baptized? We will be doing a baptism service after church on May 6 at the Galt’s house. If you would like to sign up or if you have questions about it, please email and put Baptism in the subject line.

We are moving! – on June 3rd we will start meeting at Huebner Elementary School.