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This winter we are launching one of The Park’s four key environments, the School of Theology. Together we will dive deep into specific topics of study lead by our faith community. The School of Theology runs for six weeks from February 1st to March 7. Classes are two hours in length, Wednesday nights from 6-8. We will be meeting at Oak Meadow United Methodist. Dinner will not be provided but you are welcome to bring a meal. The classes, by design, are in depth so prepare for homework and lively discussion. Go to and click “Equip” and then click “School of Theology” or click the link below to sign up.

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Here is a listing of the courses being offered:

{Missional Life}

Believers in the first century understood that the mission of Jesus did not end at his ascension and with their conversion. The faith life they had was expected to be flexible, fast-moving, and unbound. The aim and heartbeat of this class will be to challenge, provoke, and motivate you to embrace the missional DNA and impulse of the early church in your own life.

{The New Reformation}

We will be studying Greg Ogden’s book, one of the primary inspirations for planting The Park, “Unfinished Business, Returning the Ministry to The People of God.” The church is awakening to the truth that ministry is not just the domain of clergy, but belongs to the entire body of Christ. We will study together how each of us can move from passive to active Christ followers breaking the walls down between clergy and the people of God. Along this journey we will re-envision the church from the role of caregiver to equipping enabler.

{The Book of James}

James was the brother of Jesus and the first pastor of the Church in Jerusalem.  His letter, a hotly debated addition to the cannon of scripture, is full of hard hitting, direct lessons for those of us living the life of a Christ follower.  In this class we will study the each chapter of the book of James and learn together what it means for works to flow from our faith.

{Spiritual Formation}

This course begins with a recovery of sight. It’s about seeing God with new eyes. We will invite students to create a space where the life of God in them can be nurtured and developed. This will include exposure to and practice of the ancient spiritual disciplines of prayer, solitude, worship, lectio divina, self-examination and awareness. Students will gain exposure to a variety of spiritual readings and practices that began in the earliest days of the church and which may since have been forgotten. This class is intended to provide you with necessary tools for the journey both inward and outward.

{Biblical Finances} (10 Week Class)

  • $55 for couples and $45 for singles for required materials which includes workbook, studybook & regular book. Needs to be ordered prior to the class at  (would recommend ordering by 1/12/12 so the pre-studying could be completed)
  • This is a 10 week class, the last four sessions will meet in the leader’s home.
  • Highly recommended that Your Money Counts (regular book) is read prior to 2/1/12.
Service Project: Serving the Servants
Saturday, January 27, 2012 @ 10am
This month we will re-visit our local SAFD servants. Our plan is to visit the city’s top 3 stations by call volume. We’ll plan on meeting at the school (Oak Meadow) and then split up and go from there. These men and women are very busy each and every shift, and could use some TLC.
So come one, and come all and show these service people how much we appreciate what they do for us. Remember baked goods, or store bought – they’ll love it all!!
Contact Brandon at or 210.865.9232
Have a great weekend! Read Titus 3 and we will see you Sunday at The Park!
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