Sackcloth and Ashes!!!

by Jacob Kemp

How often do we throw ourselves before the Lord and cry out to Him in prayer?

All too often instead we throw up a quick request and go about our business. When the pagan city of Nineveh (Assyria’s capitol city) received word that it was going to be destroyed because of its wickedness, the great king of Assyria got off his throne, took off his crown and sat in dust and ashes. He then issued a decree to the entire nation that not a single living thing neither man nor beast should eat or drink. Then all of the people in one voice cried out to God that He would have compassion on them. Because of their pious and radical submission God indeed had compassion on them and spared their lives.

Read JONAH ch. 3

It matters to God how we come before Him in prayer. The outward posture of submission that the Ninevites took was a reflection of their inward brokenness. God not only was pleased with their contrite hearts, but He was also pleased that they took the time and the effort to physically stop and take a posture of brokenness. And it wasn’t just a show either. It was so real and honest that it affected the heart of God. He had compassion on them. I invite you to have a moment of inward and outward brokenness before the Lord today. It truly matters to God how we come to meet Him in prayer.