Missional Partners


The Park Community Church believes Christ has called all of us to be the church in the areas that He has placed us. We affirm the priesthood of all believers and intentionally push our community to discover it in themselves and others. Christ came and has called us into a new life; a life that is on mission with Him. This is the Missional Life. This life may never take you overseas on a mission trip, or you may go into cross-cultural ministry full-time. Where God takes you is up to Him. Living the Missional Life in all situations is the point and focus of every believer. We gather together on Sunday mornings and in Missional Community Groups throughout the week in order to be equipped. We are then sent on mission during the week.

The Park is honored to be a part of many ministries and people serving Christ locally and all over the world. We believe in forming partnerships focused on depth in relationship, communication, and community. We are always wanting to hear what God is doing and praying about forming new partnerships. All of the partners listed below are supported by the Park community through prayer, finances, and/or volunteering.