Being our ‘Friend’ means continuing to partner
with us in prayer, encouragement, and monetary support as we seek God about
the future of the church in San Antonio and across the country.

We know that you are already most likely a faithful participant in a church congregation, but our hope and prayer is that you will also consider continuing to support the Kingdom work that we are doing throughout San Antonio. Prayer, encouragement and staying connected through the Park’s communication channels are our primary invitations right now and we are grateful in advance for your engagement in them.


The Church in North America is experiencing a time of great upheaval. We long to see God move in our city and neighborhoods in new and exciting ways. Would you commit to pray for the staff, leaders, and attendees at The Park, that we would senstive to the call of the Holy Spirit?



We know that The Park would not be where it is now without all those who have been a part, whether as a member, leader, prayer partner, or giver. We would love to stay connected with you. Send encouragement to us at Sign up for our email newsletter below to stay connected to what God is doing in and through us.



Our primary invitations are for you to pray and connect with us. We are grateful for all who engage in these rhythms. If you feel God prompting you to contribute to the work of The Park in our neighborhoods and our city, you can do so here.