Upcoming January Events

Community Formation

At The Park we believe church is family coming together to celebrate what God is doing in and through His people. This past year distance has made it difficult for us to feel that way at times, but this is crucial along with consistent rhythms for spiritual formation. We have enjoyed seeing many of you through Zoom bible studies, Church Chats, worship nights and virtually or in person on Sunday mornings. It has truly brought life to our church. Although these are not our ideal ways to see you, we are hopeful that our community can withstand the difficulties put before us.

If you’re looking for more ways to connect with others we want to help! We have prayerfully thought through how to best disciple and form deeper relationships among our church in 2021. If you are interested in finding out more information you can click here. We would love to reach out and share more with you!

Upcoming Services

Registration is open two weeks in advance to join in person at Aggie Park at 10am. Click on the links below to register to attend. Indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) seating options are available with safety protocols put in place to help keep us all safe. Please review our safety protocols prior to attending by clicking here.

Click here to join the live-stream service each week. This is a new platform to view our streamed services which allows all of our online viewers to interact with one another in one place.

January 17th In Person Service Registration

January 24th In Person Service Registration

Women’s Gatherings

If you’re looking for a night out with other women, we’ve got you covered! We have two outdoor women’s gatherings this month. Hope you can jump in on one of them!

Women’s Gathering I 1604/Lookout Rd I January 16th @ 7PM I Click here to register.

Women’s Gathering I Wurzbach Pkwy/Lockhill Selma Rd I January 22nd @ 8 PM I Click here to register.

Elementary Game Night

Elementary Families are invited to grab their entire family and join the Isenhower’s for a virtual game of β€œWhat do you Meme?” Families will work together to provide hilarious captions for funny pictures to earn the most points. To join the Zoom game night this Saturday at 4pm click here to join.

Family Ministries

Parents have your kiddos join us this Sunday for our Family Ministry portion of the sermon. Our January memory verse is Nehemiah 2:18 β€œLet us rise up and build.” So they strengthened their hands for the good work. For the at-home engagement activity, grab some blocks, magnatiles- whatever you have on hand that you can build with.  As you listen to Pastor Mike’s speak, listen for the following words: Avoid, Immerse, Blame, and Face. Each time you hear one of these words, add a block to your wall while saying the word out loud. Kids, you’ll need to listen extra closely to make sure your parents are paying attention! 

Family Discussion: RESPONSIBILITY

Galatians 6:5 Reminds us that “Each of us should carry our own load.”  Spend a few minutes asking God that He would make clear what you are responsible for now-and tomorrow. (And if your children are too young to carry anything other than their favorite pacifier, spend time praying this verse over their future!)


Baptism is in outward profession of an inward change. If you are interested in baptism you can click here and you will be contacted with more information.

Prayer Request

If we can pray for you, please contact your parish pastor directly or you can submit a prayer request by clicking here. We have a prayer team who will join you in prayer.

Stay in Contact

If you are experiencing any hardships during this time, we want to be there to support you. If you have questions or needs we can help with, email us at info@theparksa.org or you can click here to submit a request. If you are able to offer assistance to others you can click here.

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