As a response to the needs being brought up due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Park would like to gather the needs of our community and help meet them as best we can. We have created a way for you to request assistance. If you have a need you can click here. Please be as detailed as possible so we can determine the best way to assist you. As we are trying to assist as many people as possible with the resources we have this may require us connecting you with an outside resource. 

There are many ways we as a church family can help each other out. If you are able to offer assistance for others, we will keep a list of services and gifts and match you with needs that come to our attention. To offer assistance you can click here.

We have already been blown away by the generosity of The Park Community Church to step up and help. Any gifts above your normal giving that you can commit to COVID-19 relief is very appreciated.


As we are all hunkering down in our homes, in the absence of all of the social busyness we find that we now have time – an abundance of time. We have nothing but time. This time can be incredibly overwhelming. We can fill the time with our thoughts, our fears, our anxieties. We can pass the time by checking the news, taking in everyone else’s voices of what doctors, politicians, and city’s of people should be doing. We can waste the time, watching movies. Or we can make the most of a resource of which we are usually in need.

While we wait for life to resume its normalcy, I think we all know that it will not return to normal. How can it? Just about everywhere in the world is physically distancing themselves from each other. We are being told to find shelter at home, to avoid being outside and amongst other people. People are losing jobs. Kids are being schooled from home. We know that the effects of this can and will be large. But they can also be for the better.

In the abundance of time which we now have, I want to ask: How am I grieving the effects of this quarantine? What is breaking my heart and why?

Write them down. Tell God how you feel. Be honest.

Then ask God what he would have you do in response. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. In fact, it probably won’t be. It can be a small thing, like making meals for people who are unemployed or committing to pray for each house on your block. But whatever it is, do it to the best of your ability. We want to be a people who made the most of the time God gave us.

You are incredibly loved. We are with you in Spirit and cannot wait until the day we are together in person once more.

Family Ministry Easter Jam

Easter is almost here! This Sunday, we are excited to share with you an Easter experience for the whole family. It has fun, engaging games for all ages and the story of Easter. We pray that God will use it to bring great conversations about Christ, joy, and fun memories for your family this Easter! Click here to view the video that will be posted Easter morning for you to watch at your convenience

Family Ministries has also created some great resources for you to continue church lessons with your kids. They have provided video reflections, devotionals, story times and family resources for our church family during this time. Keep checking our resources page, our Facebook page or download our app to stay up to date.

Easter Service Live Streaming

Join us this Sunday for the Livestream of our Easter worship service at 10am and replayed again at 5pm by clicking here. We would love for you to post comments on Facebook during the live stream or even host a watch party there.

Bible Studies

Join an evening bible study via ZOOM. We are currently offering studies on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights at 8pm led by church pastors. For more details and to connect you can click here. We hope you’ll join us!

Sunday Nights @ 8pm Deeper Dive in Philippains led by Chris Nikkel

Tuesday Nights @ 8pmPracticing the Way of Jesus led by Scott Austin

Thursday Nights @ 8pmLenten Journey led by Mike DeFrees

Download Zoom

You can learn how to use Zoom here.

All our Zoom meetings will be held in this Zoom room location.

Stay in Contact

If we can pray for you, please contact your parish pastor directly or send us an email at

If you are experiencing any hardships during this time, we want to be there to support you. If you have questions or needs we can help with, email us at