Since my children were little, we have had a nightly routine at dinner to go around the table and each say what we are thankful for. Over the years we’ve heard little things like, “I’m thankful that we played four square in PE.” And, we’ve heard big things such as, “I’m thankful that Uncle Tim is home from Afghanistan safely.” Whether large or small, the heart behind these statements is the same: a heart of gratitude. What Robert and I hope we are instilling in our kids is that there’s always something to be thankful for. Our God is one of abundance. He wants us to delight in his creation and see His goodness in every part of our day. Some days, it feels like we have to look really hard to find it, but it’s always there. Did you spot a vibrant red cardinal in the back yard that made you smile? Was there a friend at school or work who encouraged you? These moments are little gifts from God. As you practice looking for these events in your day, your overall attitude starts to shift from grumbling to gratitude. Your posture becomes joyful.

My daughter’s teacher sent home a “Gratitude Scavenger Hunt” for her to do this week in preparation of Thanksgiving.  I thought it was the perfect way to practice finding things to be grateful for, so I wanted to share it here. This week, take some time to go on your own scavenger hunt and journal all the ways you’ve seen God around you and things you are thankful for.

 Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

1.     Find something outside you enjoy looking at.

2.     Find something that is useful for you.

3.     Find something that is your favorite color.

4.     Find something that makes you happy.

5.     Find something that makes you laugh.

6.     Find something in the morning that you enjoy.

7.     Find a friend or a pet that you love spending time with.

8.     Find something that tastes good.

9.     Find something that you love doing outside with friends.

10. Find something that you are grateful for. 

~Terri Pease

Upcoming Events


24th // Thanksgiving Liturgy Service


15th // Kids Christmas Liturgy

22nd // All Parish Hymns Service @ Mark Twain Academy

24th // All Parish Christmas Eve Services at Pearl Stables 4pm & 5:30pm

29th // No Services

Thanksgiving Liturgy Service

Join us for family services centered around Thanksgiving liturgy this Sunday. MacTerrace will not have any Family Ministry classes, all kids are invited in to this Sunday’s service. Oak Meadow and Midtown will not have classes for kinder and up classes. We are excited to welcome kids to worship with their family this Sunday. We are praying this will be a refreshing time for parents and children to hear the same message and interact with each other in a meaningful way. 

Good Market

On December 7th, The Impact Guild, our co-working space, is hosting the Good Market at 708 W. Summitt 10am-4pm. This is an opportunity to shop with purpose this Christmas. The Good Market will feature a collection of impact-oriented pop-up shops creating thoughtful products that bring good into the lives of others. Come find unique gifts with a story worth spreading to the ones you love.

New App Launched

The Park recently launched its new app. This app serves as a means of equipping the church to do the works of ministry through providing information and teaching. This app has all the latest upcoming invitation sign ups. To download the new app you can click here.

Men’s Prayer

Men’s Prayer takes place in Midtown and MacTerrace every 3rd Friday evening of the month at 8 pm and in Oak Meadow on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 8pm. These are parish specific prayer meetings. To sign up to be contacted by a parish pastor with details and reminders you can click here.

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