“Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.” 

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Park Community is Ten Years old this coming January.  For a few of you, The Park turned ten this past summer when in 2009 we began to whisper about God doing a new thing in SA.  Others have joined along the way, but I have found those of you who have stayed, engaged, and committed to lead understand The Park at what I like to call a genetic level.  If you are receiving this message please know I hold you in the highest regard. You have shaped our community and me personally. 

As I consider the next ten years I think about the state of the universal church and the opportunities for the church in our city, and then I ask… what role are we to play? What role are Shannon and I supposed to play?  What role are the leaders and staff of The Park supposed to play? I believe the Father has given me clarity, that we have gathered and loved, but now we need to commit ourselves to making disciples who make disciples. 

Discipleship needs to be intentional and purposeful.  On the one hand, you can say that everything in life is discipleship, and you wouldn’t be wrong.  However, we have discerned a specific pathway and believe it will produce life in those you lead while bolstering your faith on the journey.  What if we committed to living into The Park’s core values and leading others to do the same? https://www.theparksa.org/beliefs/ What would that church look like?

  • Where are you going?
  • How are you being shaped into the likeness of Christ?
  • Are the people you do life with helping to form you into the likeness of Christ?

How are you being shaped into the likeness of Christ?

Are the people you do life with helping form you into the likeness of Christ?
As we close it 2019 and look to 2020 I sense a deep conviction that God wants more for us.

Scott Austin

Daylight Savings TimeFall Back

Remember to set your clocks back an hour tonight. Or you could not change them and show up to church an hour early and help setup! Either way, we will see you tomorrow!

November Upcoming Events

24th // Thanksgiving Liturgy Service

New App Launched

The Park recently launched its new app. This app serves as a means of equipping the church to do the works of ministry through providing information and teaching. This app has all the latest upcoming invitation sign ups. To download the new app you can click here.

Men’s Prayer

Men’s Prayer takes place in Midtown and MacTerrace every 3rd Friday evening of the month at 8 pm and in Oak Meadow on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 8pm. These are parish specific prayer meetings. To sign up to be contacted by a parish pastor with details and reminders you can click here.

Starting Point

Starting Point is a Sunday afternoon workshop where you will learn more about the Park’s story, core values, and vision. You will not only engage the Park’s journey during this time, but also how these same values have impacted and shaped your life in Christ. This is an All Parish event which simply means that individuals from each of our network’s church expressions will be in attendance which is meant to reinforce our overall mission to join God in the renewal of the city. Join us October 20th 1-3 PM at the Impact Guild for Starting Point. To sign up you can click here.