My sons are learning from me whether I like it or not. So then the question I have to answer is how intentional am I being in this process.

“29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Jesus had a plan when it came to kingdom DNA transfer that he wanted to see in His disciples. He would teach them, usually through a parable or something very familiar, about the way the Father calls us to live. He would then: show them how to do it, invite them to do it alongside Him, and finally He would send them out on their own and debrief how things went later. This process took time, energy, commitment, and love.

In many ways, we want the results of discipleship without paying the price in our current cultural season. Many walked away from Jesus because his call to discipleship was all or nothing and it was clear. But the beauty of the verses above is that He says taking his yoke, or teaching, isn’t burdensome or impossible. But he does say we have to learn from Him.

What has He been teaching you in this season? And even more pressing: are you coming to Him for teaching?

Chris Nikkel, The Park MacArthur Terrace Parish Pastor

October Upcoming Events

20th // Starting Point

27th // Missional Partner Sunday

New App Launched

The Park recently launched its new app. This app serves as a means of equipping the church to do the works of ministry through providing information and teaching. This app has all the latest upcoming invitation sign ups. To download the new app you can click here.

Shine on Run| November 9th

Shine On Remembrance Run is a 5k dedicated to the memory of babies who have been lost prematurely and for the families who have grieved these losses. Our mission is to promote hope and healing by means of community. Our second annual 5k will take place November 9th, 2019, at Lady Bird Johnson Park. We will have a special remembrance event (it’s a surprise!) , while kids are invited to participate in the Rainbow Baby Run and will get to sprint with a cape! Proceeds will be donated to the San Antonio Chapter of Threads of Love and the San Antonio Area Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group , though please note that Shine On is not a 501c3.

Men’s Prayer

Men’s Prayer takes place in Midtown and MacTerrace every 3rd Friday evening of the month at 8 pm and in Oak Meadow on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 8pm. These are parish specific prayer meetings. To sign up to be contacted by a parish pastor with details and reminders you can click here.

Starting Point

Starting Point is a Sunday afternoon workshop where you will learn more about the Park’s story, core values, and vision. You will not only engage the Park’s journey during this time, but also how these same values have impacted and shaped your life in Christ. This is an All Parish event which simply means that individuals from each of our network’s church expressions will be in attendance which is meant to reinforce our overall mission to join God in the renewal of the city. Join us October 20th 1-3 PM at the Impact Guild for Starting Point. To sign up you can click here.