This past week I posted a short note on facebook about rainy days & holidays being the hardest days for church leaders.  My note continued something like this, “It is right and proper for everyone to enjoy vacations and holidays, but when you are gone realize the work of the setting up, sermon prep, music rehearsal still happens.” I received several messages, private and public as well as a good number of likes.  A few pastors even posted, “amen!” I’d like to extend on my facebook post with two thoughts. 

  1. My heart is not to bolster church attendance, but to say to each person in my community that you can not have spiritual formation without frequency.  Further, whatever you frequent will form you. I just finished watching the BBC Sherlock Series, Wow! It’s incredible, but because of the binge mode pacing I started looking at the world in a different way.  Sherlock formed something in me. Was it good? I’m not sure. In the same way when we frequent prayer, worship attendance, scripture study, and smaller groups for accountability they form us. While I am not sure about Sherlock, I know for certain those sacred rhythms will form us into the likeness of Christ. For those of you I have the great privilege of serving as your pastor please hear me, I desperately want you to be formed into the likeness of Christ. What you do and don’t do matters to me. 
  2. A strange thing happened after that post.  A few of you started to message me with words of encouragement.  A few of you gave me a heads up you will be out of town or that you are attending something else during the service time.  At first I felt strange about that and insisted there was no need to actually tell me what’s pulled you away. But the more I thought about it, I think that’s exactly what we should do.  Church is family, it requires encouragement and checking in. The more we are willing to share about one another the easier it is to pray. 

I’m not much for working out your feelings on Facebook, but this one instance spurred a number of interesting conversations.  Church attendance isn’t the most critical thing… but friends you need to have consistent rhythms for spiritual formation. Here’s a great article on spiritual formation by one of my heroes, Dallas Willard.  See you Sunday! 

Scott Austin

Upcoming Events

  • September 14th // Dinner for 8
  • September 29th // Kids Dedication Class
  • October 1st // National Night Out

Dinner for 8

There’s still time to register for a dinner group! These dinners are hosted in homes and happen a couple of times a year. They are critical to our parish life as they model hospitality. We invite everyone to attend for great food, conversation and overall connection to other people in our church. Dinner for 8 is Saturday, September 14th at 7 PM. To register for a dinner group you can click here.

School of Theology

School of Theology is a 5 week event held every Wednesday night in October at Aggie Park. This year we will focus on Dan White’s book, Love Over Fear. Each week will consist of both teaching and small group discussion. There are two registration options: $15 which includes only the book and materials or $40 which includes dinner each week as well as the book and materials. To register you can click here

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