Sunday, August 11th, 2019
EXODUS 2:11-25

Prince of Egypt

Moses Introduction

Moses is one of the heroes of our faith. Not because he was perfect, but because God chose him and used him for His purposes. As we study his life, our hope is that we will all see how God longs to be with us and to use us for His kingdom. Through miraculous signs and wonders as well as the seemingly mundane tasks of daily life, God is always at work in and around us. As you study his life, may you see God in a new light and be encouraged to live on mission with Him.

Best Practices for Missional Community Bible Study Facilitation

  • As you begin each study, pray that God will speak to you through his Word.
  • Listen attentively to other members. Encourage only Bible reading from phones during the study.
  • Work to include everyone’s voice by asking follow-up questions, restating what you heard someone say, and asking for more details to thoughts given by group members.
  • It is often helpful for someone to take notes of the discussion and send them out afterwards to reinforce key learnings from the study.
  • Pray for one another and be accountable to applying the word of God to your lives.

General Questions:

  1. What does this scripture communicate about the heart of God?
  2. What does it teach us about ourselves?
  3. Does it challenge our thinking/beliefs in a new way?

Sermon Specific Question:

Read Exodus Chapter 2, Hebrews 11:24-26, and Acts 7:20-29

  1.  Moses was educated both in his Hebrew history and the Egyptian schools. He knew the Hebrews were his people yet he was a prince of Egypt. Discuss the tension of living in two worlds, having two identities.
  2. The NT scriptures above detail a Moses who hoped his people would rally to him for defending the Hebrew against the Egyptian taskmaster. Why do you think they rejected him? How does rejection materialize in following Christ and obeying the gospel?
  3. Moses flees to Midian. The priest of Midian is believed by most scholars to be a descendant of Abraham and a Yahweh worshiper. Talk about how you have seen the sovereignty of God in your life over the summer. What has He done that could only have been Him?