The Glory of Our God

by The Park Worship Community | Psalms

Open My Heart ( Psalm 46 & 84)
by Lindsey & Justin Frey

Everything inside of me says thank you
For Your love and faithfulness I thank you
With hands held high and hearts bowed low before You
We thank You, thank you

The moment I all out to You, You answer me
You listen even though You know everything
You make me brave and give me all the strength I need
oh thank You, we thank You

All of heaven listens as we worship You
the kingdoms of the earth will rise and sing to You
For no one can stay silent when they hear of You
and all the things You’ve done we thank You

Holy is Your name
Holy is Your word
How great the glory of our God
Seated high above
Yes still You come in close to us
How great the glory of our God

Finish what You started in me
Your love lasts forever
So don’t give up on me

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