In the presence of the Son of Man,
Mary Magdalene proclaims the Good News.


When I first came to believe in the resurrection, the overpowering nature of the event caused me to want to tell everyone. I was quite aware that many would not respond the way I did, but the power of the message overpowered the fear of rejection.

I’m reminded of this when I consider Mary’s response to nding the empty tomb. She runs to tell the others. Although the text makes no mention of what is going on inside of her while she runs, I wonder if she thought about how the message would come across.

Would they think she was out of her mind?

Peter and John run to the tomb and it is not until John walks into the empty tomb that he “saw and believed.”

Fearing the rejection of our message is human. We want to be liked and accepted. The only thing that can overpower this fear is the power of the resurrection inside of us. When we come to the full realization that we are walking now in the kingdom of God, in complete union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, this message can overpower anything else.

Let us pray to God for a fresh insight into what has truly happened in the world and in us, and let us pray for the power to tell others to come and see. The message of the resurrection is too large to be contained.


  • What is your experience with evangelism? Was it as urgent and as exciting as Mary Magdalene at the tomb?
  • Are there people you know who need to hear this good news?
  • As we leave the season of Lent and enter a season of rejoicing in the resurrection, what have you learned this season? How has God turned your mourning into joy?
  • Mary Magdalene tells the disciples the good news. They, in turn, start their ministries, sharing this good news with everyone. Why do you think God chose to reveal this rst to Mary Magdalene?


Love divine,
in raising Christ to new life
you opened the path of salvation to all peoples. Send us out, with the joy of Mary Magdalene, to proclaim that we have seen the Lord,
so that all the world may celebrate with you the banquet of your peace. Amen.


Carve out time this week to re ect on what God has taught you during Lent. Pray and journal through this.

Are there people you know who don’t yet know Jesus? Write their names out in your journal and pray for them everyday this week.

Practice Lectio Divina on 2 Corinthians 5:11-21. Read the passage through. Read it again slowly and meditate on a word that stands out to you. Then read it again and re ect on why that word would stand out to you. Then pray on whatever God reveals to you.

Lectionary readings for this week: Isaiah 42:1-9, Psalm 36:5- 11, Hebrews 9:11-15, John 12:1-11.

Going Deeper

Mary Magdalene runs and tells the disciples the good news. The disciples and the apostles take the gospel throughout the Middle East and into Europe. From there, the church starts to spread around the world. In his book, The Church as Movement, Dan White, Jr. gives practical advice for missional living like Mary and the apostles.