Last year as a church, we focused much of our time and energy discussing what it means to be faithfully present and how to invite people into our lives. Hopefully you have found ways to gather your  neighbors, coworkers, family and friends in your living rooms and around your tables. Conversations are happening and friendships are forming, but now what?

We ask people to join us, not just for dinner or fellowship. Rather, we invite them into our presence in order to invite them into the presence of the Son of Man. In other words, we create relationships with people as a means of making disciples who follow Jesus.

There is no better example of making disciples than the life of Jesus.

From the beginning of the year until Easter, we will be following the gospel readings of the lectionary. We have chosen to follow along with the lectionary compiled by the Vanderbilt Divinity Library.

It is our hope that we will be a church who are changed by exploring the words, the works and the ways of Jesus Christ. In his presence, the truth is proclaimed and lives are forever changed.

Imagine if our church lived like Jesus. What would happen in our neighborhoods, in our workplaces and in our city if we were bringing the presence of Jesus into every moment? As we emulate Christ, we pray that his kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven, that we might live in the presence of the Son of Man.

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