Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Ruth: Week 1 

The amazing story of God’s faithfulness to Israel is told in the book of Ruth via the lives of three ordinary people: Naomi, Ruth and Boaz. These three people find themselves at times in both economic hardship and prosperity, and through it all we see the hand of God at work. God’s faithfulness to them creates a new family out of nothing and their faithfulness to God brings blessing and hope for the future.

Read the story of Ruth every week. May God reveal his heart to you in new and fresh ways as you meet together.
As you read and study together, make sure to work hard at hearing from everyone that has gathered together. Pray for one another and be accountable to applying the word of God to your lives.

Questions for this week:

  1. Naomi changes her name from Naomi which means “sweetness or pleasantness”, to Mara which means “bitter” in chapter 1 because of her desolate situation. At the same time, the Lord had visited Bethlehem and restored the harvest bringing joy to everyone in the city. Reflect on a time in your life when your situation was less than ideal while everyone else seemed to be faring quite well. How did this make you feel about life? How did this make you feel about yourself How did this make you feel about God? Did your feelings line up with reality?
  2. Reflect on a personal famine you’ve experienced in your life. What was your response in that time to your community? To God?
  3. What would it mean during Ruth’s life to be a widow? What would it mean to be a foreigner? Are there people like Ruth in our city, in our church, in your life?
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