Sunday, January 24th, 2016

Colossians 2:4-23

Intro to Colossians:
The theme of Colossians is the complete adequacy of Christ as contrasted with the emptiness of mere human philosophy. Christ is Lord over all of creation, including the invisible realm. He has secured redemption for his people, enabling them to participate with him in his death, resurrection, and fullness.
As you read, study and apply, ask the Holy Spirit to lead your group discussions. Work hard to make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate. Close by praying for one another.

  1. Paul was dealing with a specific heresy of the church in Colossae, so his specific instructions in Chapter 2 might seem strange to us. However, the wisdom of Scripture still speaks to us in today’s world. In reading Chapter 2 verse 8, describe with your group times when you might have been “taken captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy.” When have you perhaps lost sight of Christ and his teachings when being too involved in political, social or even religious circumstances?
  2. Read Colossians 2:16-17. Then read similar passages by Paul in Titus 1:14-15 and Romans 14:1-12. What do you take from these? What limits are there to Christian liberty (hint: look to Romans 3:8 and Romans 14:15-19)? Discuss with your group how you were raised…was it in the church? Was it in a very legalistic way? Was it in a very hands-off, do-what-you-want sort of way? Why do you think it’s important to be mindful of our freedom and yet our sensitivity to the convictions of others?
  3. In Colossians 2:18 Paul quickly mentions those “who delight in false humility”. What does that mean to you? Discuss with your group the differences between genuine humility and false humility in regards to how we express ourselves and our opinions to one another. Have you ever masked your confidence (and maybe ego) with a false humility? Have you seen it in others? Do you see it in our church? In what ways do you think we can be more genuine without seeming arrogant?
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