Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Advent // Week 3
Advent is all about Jesus. He came 2,000 years ago to seek and save the lost. He has called the church into that same mission.
As we focus in during this season on His first coming, may we grow in our expectancy of His second coming.
As you begin your study each week, pray that God will speak to you through His Word. Come each week prepared for discussion. Be willing to participate and ask questions. As much as possible, stick to the topic at hand. Be sensitive to the other members in your group and listen attentively.
  1. What information is given with respect to when the events in Chapter 3 began (Luke 3:1,2)? What do we know about these people? Why do you think Luke would name all these people?
  2. What passage is quoted in versus 4-6? Explain its importance. List other passages of scripture regarding fruits of repentance. List 3 specific examples of fruits of repentance (versus 10-14)
  3. List several differences between John’s baptism and Holy Spirit baptism. Compare these to the baptism that would occur at Pentecost.
  4. Read Luke 3:10-14. What stands out to you about John’s responses? What does that tell us about being faithful in the small things in life?
  5. John is the first prophet after 400 years of silence from God. His message has a confessional tone. Do we have any prophetic voices today preparing the way for the second Advent? How should we be doing our job as the Church to renew and awaken this hope in people today?