Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Psalm 143

Questions for this week:

  1. Read Psalm 143 aloud
  2. When your “spirit is overwhelmed within [you]” (v.4), and when your soul is persecuted, and your life feels crushed to the ground (v.3), is your initial response to cry out to God and seek Him, as it was for David? If not, what prevents you turning to God in your times of trouble?
  3. How would it look for us to live in a way where our souls long for the Lord? (v.6)
  4. Do we lift up our prayers and pleas to God for the sake of His name, and trust him to respond out of His righteousness?(v.11)
  5. Talk about a time where your spirit was overwhelmed by your circumstances. How did God respond?
  6. When it seems like God is silent, why is it so important to “remember the days of old”?
  7. Although David tells God to answer him quickly, what impact does it have that he ends his prayer with “I am your servant”?