Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Book of Jude

  • “As a man dreaming seems to himself to be seeing and hearing many things, so the natural man’s lusts are agitated by joy, distress, fear, and the other passions. But he is a stranger to self-command. Hence, though he bring into play all the powers of reason, he cannot conceive the true liberty which the sons of light, who are awake and in the daylight; enjoy.” How does this quote refer to the lost that Jude is talking about? Who do you know that is like this? As a son or daughter of light, what are you doing/should you do about it?
  • The three classes of sinners Jude speaks of are: (1) those who contend with you, whom you should convict; (2) those who are as brands already in the fire, of which hell-fire is the consummation: these you should try to save by snatching them out; (3) those who are objects of compassion, whom accordingly you should be compassionate (and help if occasion should offer), but at the same time not let pity degenerate into connivance at their error. Your compassion is to be accompanied “with fear” of being at all defiled by them. How is this helpful in dealing with unsaved sinners?
  • Even though Jude was Jesus’ brother, why do you think he didn’t mention it?
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