Read // Luke 1:46-55

The above passage is a song prayed by Mary, the mother of Jesus, that has become known as the Magnificat. It is a song that bursts from Mary’s lips shortly after she receives the message from the angel Gabriel that she will bear a son named Jesus- a son who will be called the Son of the Most High, who will sit on the throne of David, who will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and whose kingdom will have no end (vv.26-33).

In her song, Mary refers to herself as a humble servant, and it is evident that she is blown away by the incredible love and mercy of God, and the great things that he has done for his people, generation after generation. What is important to notice about Mary is the cheerful humility that she displays in her prayer to God. The truth is, that the only people whose souls can truly exalt and magnify the Lord are those who approach the throne of God with cheerful humility; those who acknowledge their low estate, and yet are overwhelmed by a magnificent God.

What is the state of your soul this holiday season? Is it one that approaches the throne of God with pride and selfishness, or is it one that bows before the magnificent God in cheerful humility?

Do // Approach the season, a season celebrating the birth of Jesus, and nothing else, with humility, acknowledging the magnificent God who regards your humble estate, and extends mercy on generations upon generations to those who fear his Holy name.




by Charlie Hughes