Read // 2 Samuel 7:1-16

David is warm and comfortable in his palace, and the Lord has given him rest from his enemies. While resting, he realizes the luxurious conditions he’s living in while the Lord is living in a tent. Who knows how it happened, David may have been sitting on his balcony enjoying a refreshing beverage and notices the Lord’s tent off in the distance. In any case, David doesn’t feel its right and he decides to build the Lord a palace of his own.

That night in a dream, the Lord gives the prophet Nathan a message for David. It’s basically two messages. One, have I asked for a palace from you or anyone else, for that matter? And Two, I’m taking care of you, not the other way around. It’s interesting to note that Nathan refers to David as King in the first three verses. But when the Lord speaks to Nathan in a dream that night, David is referred to as a Servant. David may be feeling a little too confident in his own abilities instead of relying on the Lord. It’s as if the Lord is putting David in his place. He doesn’t need to interfere with the Lord’s plans.

After all this, the Lord tells David that He will build him a house. If David just surrenders to the Lord and doesn’t interfere with His plans the Lord promises He will protect him. The Lord will establish His Kingdom through David and that Kingdom will last forever.

Do // As you pray and meditate on these verses, consider asking the Lord how you’re being like David and feeling a little too confident in your own abilities and not relying on Him. Ask the Lord to guide you as you rely on Him and trust in Him as your Savior during this Advent Season.




by Bob Korom

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