Greetings! Below you will find questions which reference the sermon preached on Sunday, December 14th, 2014 at The Park. This week we studied Psalm 126 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24. Have someone in your group read this section of scripture.

Each week new questions are posted to track along with the sermons. Work hard to facilitate discussion. Listen to the hearts around the room and close with prayer.

Intro to Advent:

The season of Advent is a special time of year. It is a time of special family traditions, exchanging of gifts, and quality time spent with those closest to you. If we aren’t careful, this is where is ends. The truth is that this season begins and ends with Jesus. He was once longed for and is still longed for by His people. He has come once and is returning again.

Join with us this season as we read from the lectionary on Sundays, serve our city, and long for our great Savior Jesus!

Questions this week:

  • What gives you anxiety over the Christmas season? Is there too much to do? Do you feel that people have lost the reason for the season? Discuss the ways you don’t feel joy during Christmas. Discuss how sometimes we feel it is more important to be seen as right/correct than it is to be seen as loving/compassionate.
  • The people of Thessalonica experienced persecution. Paul experienced persecution. Yet he is emphatic about 1 Thess5:16 as God’s will. How do you feel about what 1 Thess 5:16 says? How is it hard to abide by it? In what ways can you not give thanks for hard times?
  • Why is it more important to be present with others instead of being busy with others? Discuss ways you can be more present in each moment with loved ones this season. Seriously…share actual individual ways in your life you can lessen stress and increase being thankful and present in the ongoing birthday party of Christ.
  • Even for non-believers, the Christmas season is a time to dream and celebrate love and warmth. How have you seen people in your life search and long for the advent? Even in cases where people want nothing to do with Christ, discuss ways you can still be Christlike to them. Think of a particular person you could show more love to. Share if you would like.