Mark 1:1-8

When one reads Mark’s introduction, it is hard to miss the excitement he feels about announcing the arrival of Jesus. Mark makes it very clear that Jesus is the Son of the One True God. He makes this point to clearly differentiate Jesus to the people of the time that were worshiping multiple gods. This enthusiasm for God is often overlooked in this season and replaced with anticipation for worldly gifts or gatherings with family. Mark is bursting at the seams knowing that because of who Jesus is our salvation is here. Our challenge is to remember this excitement, not for the world, but for Him and His kingdom.

Mark jumps into a passage from the prophet Isaiah, where he tells of John the Baptist preaching on the coming of Jesus. God set before John the purpose of announcing Jesus coming; the coming of the most important man who ever lived, the coming of our savior and King. John chose to do this in a very interesting way. Living in the wilderness, dressing in camel’s hair, and eating locusts and wild honey! What a lifestyle! What an intentional lifestyle. John did this to get away from the business of the city. When people came to him, John had their undivided attention. He called for repentance and baptism, to be born again, the same as Jesus would do after His arrival. John is calling out to the people of the time to have a personal relationship with God. This same idea persists today. If we confess our transgressions, have faith that Jesus is our redeemer and are baptized in the Holy Spirit, nothing can separate us from God.

Be excited during this season where we celebrate Jesus coming! Be excited for the one on one relationship He covets to have with us! Be excited and intentional to be His servant as John was! Be excited to share His love with others!



by Brandon Griffin

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