The earth moves to the mouth of God.
The mountains lie flat.
The valleys rise up.
A veil will be torn.
He is calling out to us, reaching down to us, saying,
“Take comfort! Here is your God to save you!”

Isaiah 40:1-11

Last year our son made a dumb mistake at school. He was not deliberately mischievous or ill willed. It was just dumb, big, and in front of the whole school. It was big enough to land him in the headmaster’s office, never a good thing. My heart ached, wishing he never did this and it all could be forgotten. As I saw his tears and shame that night, my heart ached even more. I wanted to make things right but I didn’t know how.

Imagine the joyful anticipation of God when Jesus was in Mary’s womb. His plan, in motion through the ages, was finally about to come true. Consider the waiting, watching, as His creation fumbled through life trying to make their own gods, trying to make themselves god. All the while God’s plan was working its way out for good, for restoration. He is making a way in the wilderness to wipe our slate clean.
In the midst of our darkest hours, God heart aches for us and is at work to make things right.

Rejoice in this season for we can only imagine how the heavens were rejoicing at the coming birth of the One that would make things right again. Just as they were. Just as they should be. Consider the heart of God this season and the smile that must have been on His face when Jesus was born that first Christmas Eve, knowing life would be made whole again.



by Shannon Austin