Greetings! Below you will find questions which reference the sermon preached on Sunday, September 7th, 2014 at The Park. This week we studied Chapter 18. Have someone in your group read this section of scripture.

Each week new questions are posted to track along with the sermons. Work hard to facilitate discussion. Listen to the hearts around the room and close with prayer.

Intro to Gospel of John:

This Gospel is unique with regard to the 4 first-hand accounts of the life of Jesus. It was likely the last of the 4 written and focuses much of it’s view on the deity of Jesus. Like today, the question of Jesus’ nature and source of power is constantly being debated and the heart of John’s gospel is to give us a clear, concise, unashamed view of the Son of God. It is here in John that Jesus makes claims like, “I am the Bread of Life”, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”, and “I am the Light of the world”. Reading the Gospel of John will provide you with an exalted view of Jesus as God in the flesh, sent to proclaim the good news.

  • Contrast the different accounts of Gethsemane in the other gospels. How is John’s different? What do some scholars say is the purpose and audience of John’s gospel? How did the details John include/exclude perhaps help reach that purpose and audience?
  • Discuss Peter’s actions in the garden. Would you have done the same? Was his violence misguided? Had he tried to alter Jesus’ plans in the past? Think of the washing of the disciples’ feet (John 13) and Jesus’ rebuke of Peter in Matthew 16/Mark 8. Talk about what might have been different for us today if Peter had stopped the arrest of Jesus.
  • Jesus’ response in verse 6 can more closely be translated simply as “I am”. What effect did that have on his would-be captors? Why might the Jews react in this way? Is it significant that the Roman soldiers too reacted this way? Think of Jesus’ interactions with the centurion (Matthew 8) and the response of the Roman soldiers in Matthew 27:54.
  • Peter and one other disciple follow Jesus. What happened to the rest (check out the other gospels)? Do you think Peter willfully denied Christ or perhaps was caught up in trying to stay close to him? Was he repentant when he realized what he had done? Does this happen to us today? Do we get caught up in trying to do good that we neglect others or our God-given obligations?


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