What is the theme of Easter…suffering, redemption, life? It seems that Easter is one of the most dichotomizing holidays: suffering & rejoicing, pain & healing, death & life. I think about the journey of Christ in his week leading up to the resurrection. In a time of great celebration, his entrance into Jerusalem (Luke 19:29-38), he knew they would ultimately cry out for his death (Luke 23:13-25). When Jesus was with his best friends fellowshipping (Mark 14:12-26), he knew that one of his disciples would betray him (Mark 14:43-46) and another would deny him (Mark 14:66-72). Yet when he was facing death, suffering on the cross (Matthew 27:35-50), Jesus knew he would rise again to new life (Matthew 28:5-10).

What does your journey to Easter look like? What are you suffering through and rejoicing over? Read through Psalm 13. How does David’s Psalm fit your story?

Suffering through:

Rejoicing over:

Read through Psalm 13 one more time saying it this time as your prayer to God.