Greetings! Below you will find questions which reference the sermon preached on Sunday, August 11th, 2013 at The Park. Each week new questions are posted to track along with the sermons.

The book of Exodus is a great story of redemption, faith, and the sovereignty of God.

I encourage you to begin your group with a time of greeting and introductions. You may choose to reorder the questions below or to write your own. Work hard to facilitate discussion and avoid allowing yourself or another member to speak the entire hour. Ultimately we trust you with leading your group.

  • What are some observations you had from this chapter?
  • Were there any new insights you learned about the passage from the sermon?
  • What theology was present in this chapter?
  • What did you learn about God from reading this chapter?
  • The book of Exodus is a journey between YHWH and his people. How would you describe your journey? What would be some of the adjectives or images that you would use (i.e.. fire, redemption, apostasy)?
  • The amount of gold, silver, and bronze that is used on the tabernacle and its pieces is massive. The people showed their dedication to YHWH through their wealth. How are some of the ways that you show your dedication? Why is wealth such a challenging aspect of our relationship with God?
  • One of the dominant phrases of this section of scripture is “just as the Lord commanded,” (10 times in ch 39). Why was this important for the people in their interaction with God?  How does this translate to your relationship with God?
  • What overall points have you taken away from our study of Exodus?