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It is a truly amazing thing to reflect upon the coming of Jesus into the world. God sent His Son to rescue us from sin. He did for us what we could not do for ourselves. And He told us He would do this. The Old Testament has several prophetic verses about the coming of Jesus. And in the Gospels we see the announcement and fulfillment of this verses. Like in Luke 2:11:

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

Imagine receiving this message. To hear that they very thing you have been waiting for has arrived. And in this case it is the Redeemer, Christ the Lord! May our hearts continually rejoice in the advent of Jesus and let this season truly be one of joy as a result.

There is a lot happening around the Park these days. Check out the latest below…

Christmas Gifts via Blueprint: This year we are excited to be partnering with Blueprint Ministries and their Christmas gift delivery for the third year in a row. As you know, Blueprint Ministries is one of our missional partners. Each year they give us the opportunity to buy gifts, food, and essentials for the families they serve year round. All December you will see a Christmas tree located outside of the school cafeteria, the Blueprint team will be out here too. The tree will be decorated with cards, each card will list a families needs & wants for the holiday season. Take a card, buy what’s on the list and then bring it back by church on December 16.

On the afternoon of December 16 @ 3PM we will meet downtown at Blueprint to deliver the gifts. You do not have to attend the gift delivery to buy gifts, we can deliver them for you. Also, if money is tight this year you do not have to buy gifts to attend the delivery. Most often the greatest gift we give is the gift of presence and prayer. If you have any questions please stop by the table outside or ask Scott or Chris.

Christmas Eve Service: This year we are excited to be having a Christmas Eve service! We will be having it at 5pm at Blueprint Ministries facility located at 2926 South Presa Street, 78210. We hope you can join us as we celebrate the birth of the Savior!

No Sunday services on December 23rd and 30th: The school will be shut down for the Christmas break. We hope you can join us on December 24th at Blueprint for the Christmas Eve service mentioned above. If not, we will see you back at Huebner Elementary on January 6th, 2013.

Romans Teaching Series: Check out Romans 15 for this coming Sunday. A great way to get more out of the message is to read before coming. So, read chapter 15 several times before Sunday. Go!

Online Giving: People tend to ask us how to give financially at the Park. Since we don’t pass a plate, you can drop your donation in the box as you come into the cafeteria on Sundays. Or, you can give online at Thank you for giving financially! If you have questions email Chris at

Volunteering on Sundays: As our community continues to grow, there are always needs with regard to volunteering on Sundays. We ask people for a once-a-month commitment to reinforce the fact that your primary ministry exists outside of Sunday mornings. If we all take one Sunday per month, we can keep that focus alive. Interested to jump in on Sundays in Family Ministries or Set-Up/Take-down? Email Scott at


Staff & Volunteer Highlight:

The Park is a new, and relatively small church, but our logo has has received a lot of recognition, thanks to Bobby & Kim Arispe donating their gifts and time to creating The Park’s logo, branding and marketing.  You can see us @ scroll down, we are on there. We go way back with the Arispe’s.  They were all in from the first mention of planting a church.  They have been a consistent resource throughout the past 3 years and continue to give of their time and gifts.  In addition to being generous they also happen to be very good at what they do.
Whether you are launching a new brand, hosting an event, or celebrating a special moment, the  goal at Arispe Creative is to intellectually and emotionally inspire your audience. We specialize in photography,  branding, marketing materials, invitations and more. See our latest work at i or visit


Have a great weekend! We look forward to seeing you at Huebner Elementary at 10am!


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