Good morning!

As we have been reading the book of Romans the last few weeks there is a question that has been coming back to my mind over and over. The question is this: “Is it clear what separates our faith from all the other faiths of the world?” As Paul begins to outline the gospel and our condition apart from the grace of God I would give a resounding “yes!” in response to this question. It is unmistakeable! There is a holy God who judges justly towards sin. This same God is also one of grace and love.

The thing that fires me up about the gospel is that it is one of action. God took the steps necessary to bring us back to him. He moved. He acted. He was and still is at work. And if we are followers of Jesus Christ then we are called to that same response. We are called to act. We are equipped in order to move. We are redeemed to show that same love and to tell that same story to the world around us. This scripture captures the heart of that message:

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” ~ 1 John 3:18

May we be a people who love not just in words, but in action and truth. Where can you act today to show the love of God?


As we gear up for the Fall, there are a few things we want to make sure you are aware of:

Volunteering on Sundays: As our community continues to grow, there are always needs with regard to volunteering on Sundays. We ask people for a once-a-month commitment to reinforce the fact that your primary ministry exists outside of Sunday mornings. If we all take one Sunday per month, we can keep that focus alive. Interested to jump in on Sundays in Family Ministries or Set-Up/Take-down? Email Scott at

Romans Teaching Series: This Sunday we are starting a study of the book of Romans. The focus for this week will be Romans 3. A great way to get more out of Sunday is to read before coming. So, take a 5 minute break today and give it a read. We will see you Sunday.

Book of Romans Community Groups in the Fall: We are excited to study the book of Romans this coming fall. We will be launching some community groups that will track along with the sermons each week. For our most recent list of groups go to:

School of Theology: Back by popular demand, we are kicking off classes for our second semester of School of Theology. The purpose is to create an environment for in depth discussion, spirited debate, and skilled facilitation. The classes are six weeks in length, unless otherwise noted. We are fortunate to have some exceptional teachers @ The Park. For the classes being offered this fall and to sign up go to:



NEW!! Staff Highlight:

At the Park, all of our staff people are bi-vocational and we want to support them in any way possible. So, we will be letting you know who these amazing people are and what they do. Help us spread the word on these folks!

Matt Adler is one of the worship leaders of the Park and also runs his own music production business. Matt has worked with several artists in San Antonio and also has produced his own cd. He is extremely passionate, dedicated, and he really knows what he is doing! Many of you know Ryan Proudfoot. All of his work has been done by Matt and it is excellent!

If you are thinking of recording some music and would like to find out more about Matt’s work, email him at:



Have a great weekend and we will see you at 10am at Huebner Elementary this Sunday!