By John Wright

It is a wonderful privilege to be able to share with others God’s Good News of redemption, salvation and peace. With the exercise of this privilege comes persecution from the world as promised by Christ himself (Matt: 5:11-12) (John 15:20).

As we engage in the spiritual warfare all around us, in the conflict to determine the eternal status of a soul, we invite the persecution that comes with it, but we are protected by the higher and stronger power of the Lord.  He says He will not only go out before us, but He will also be our rear guard.  In this world we will be bent, but not broken, persecuted but not forsaken and misunderstood, but the will of the Lord will prosper in our hands if we let Him have control. Although we know we will be persecuted, God promises that he will redeem his suffering servants with eternal glory.

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